About our name and the use of the term ‘cancer survivor’

When trying to figure out what we should be called, we asked many survivors and healthcare professionals how those who have-had or currently-have cancer define themselves.

Some people like the term survivor, many others are ambivalent. Others prefer warrior, thriver, previvor and many dislike all of these terms. In scientific literature and with large cancer charities, advocacy organisations and research, the term cancer ‘survivor’ seems to be commonly used currently.

We don’t claim to have it right, because we don’t think there is a single right term and it is not up to us to tell anybody how to define themselves. However, currently we don’t think there is a better collective, widely-understood term that refers to those who have had or currently have cancer, so for now we are called Cancer Survivor Social Media.

We hope that the content we share and the discussions we host will be of interest to you, regardless of how you choose to define yourself or think about the word ‘survivor’.

We promise to listen to everyone involved and be willing to change our name in the future if a better way to collectively refer to us evolves.

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